Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Favorite Lube...and a Cry for HELP!!!

Most recently, a certain post over at Shay's The S Spot caught my eye. It was all about trying to find the perfect kind of "natural", organic lube for someone's pretty lady. And whenever people bring up their favorite lubes, I feel inclined to shout about mine, which is one of the most basic on the market. But basic is not always bad. Instead of "oldie but goodie", you could say that it's a "basic but bestie"!

Less cleverness and more to the point: I love Babeland's BabeLube!!! It comes in a completely clear gel (there used to be a liquid form but I'm not sure if they're still selling it) that doesn't taste like anything or smell like anything, both of which are extremely important in my consideration of lubes. Another plus is that the giant 16 oz bottle (apparently, not giant enough since I'm running out already!) comes with a pump for super-easy dispensing. Just pump, apply (one pump of lube is enough to adequately lubricate two people), and let the fun begin! One of the first lubes I used was Astroglide: I could never apply just the right amount because it seemed inclined to spill all over my sheets and the flip top often broke off! In contrast, BabeLube spreads beautifully--no dripping! stays where you put it!-- and stays slick for long enough to do the trick. And if you feel like taking a break from other activities to go down on each other, lick away! No taste or smell at all--even when an entire BabeLubed cock is in your mouth.

The only con about this product is that after a while, it does tend to get a bit gummy; however, this con is totally redeemed by the fact that this water-based lube can be "reactivated" with just a bit of water. How you apply this completely up to you. Some of my preferred methods of application include taking a sip of water and licking my partner's penis, or licking my hand and giving him a handjob.

But, to any readers, I do have one big lube-related question. What lube is there that is comparable to BabeLand but still works for anal sex? BabeLube can do the trick, but only if I'm waaayyy relaxed already and we apply about two pumps (more if we're using a condom). Is there a slicker lube that won't gum up from the friction so quickly that is also water-based? Or is silicone lube the way to go for anal sex? HELP!!! I've tested out Maximus in stores and it just smelled too weird for me. Oftentimes, after some anal sex, my partner will discard his condom and I'll give him some head...which I definitely wouldn't do if I was about to be smuggled by the smell of Maximus. Any suggestions?

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