Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm BAACKK! (hello?)

So...there's probably nobody out in the blogosphere/internets reading this since I dropped off the face of my blog (and set all the entries to private) a few months back. Why? Well, for one thing, I'm horrible at finding enough things to say on the internet to post regularly. But also, I was kind of ambiguous about posting all my thoughts and experiences on the internet; for example, I know for sure that some people I know might google a lot for unique cupcake recipes (and they especially would after they tasted the ones I made =) ) but would be really weirded out if they hopped over here and saw pictures of nekkid people and my thoughts on butt plugs. Ya know.

So I'll blog as often as the mood hits me and try to keep the anonymity a priority. Hard, right?

Anywho, one of the big questions that I wanted to propose to anyone reading this and the reason for this comeback post: isn't it weird that we talk about how many times we have sex in a certain session with our lovers and playmates? I know that even I measure "amount of sex" like this, just as a sort of reflex...and guess who the benchmark is? The guy! No matter how many times I have phenomenal multiple orgasms (I'm blessed, what can I say?), I count the "number" of times I've had sex during that certain romp by how many times my guy comes in me or on me. How weird of a standard is that? Does anybody else do this? Or do you count "one time" of sex to be after both partners have reached their climax (at least) once? Hell, do you count at all? I'd like to know!

And as a little catch-up segueway from the last post I did way back in April, current nipple status (haha what if that became a regular feature of this blog? I could even take pictures! Is anyone reading this? I want feedback and a sign of life!) = baby-butt smooth areolas but chapped nipples from being nipped, sucked, and pinched vigorously during sex! Sexy.