Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hitchhiker's Guide to the G-Spot

Once upon a time, I wasn't as sexually experienced as I am now. Not to say that I'm Mistress Matisse or anything but a couple years ago, I had never given head, had barely even had sex (much less in creative positions!), and thought anal sex was totally taboo territory. Back then, I was much more hesitant to explore my sexuality and my sexual boundaries, not so much because I thought my body was dirty or anything like that, but mostly because I didn't quite know where to begin. So I turned to reading about sex and other sexual escapades in articles online and by peeking at books in the "sexuality" section of book stores. (Good thing I at least had the good sense to refrain from sexually educating myself using the likes of Cosmopolitan and Elle! Although, let me confess a guilty pleasure here: now that I mostly read about sex in the context of erotica and not technical how-to guides, I do love reading newstand crap like Cosmo and Elle and Vogue...)

One of the best guides I've encountered so far is Paul Joannides' "Guide to Getting It On!". It's become something a classic, seeing as the size and shape of this enormous sex tome are somewhat akin to that of a bible. Inside, you'll find humorously written guides about the basics of intercourse, anal sex, sexual health, and everything else you could imagine about sex. Dr. Paul Joannides approaches sex from the perspective that it's not something that just happens between a man and a woman's or a woman and a woman's or a man and a mans's or...&c's sexual parts. Sex is an event and a psychological place that is to be carefully and consensually negotiated, whether you're just doing it for fun with a transient partner or you're doing it with the love of your life.

Despite the fact that it's about 700 pages in length, this extremely thorough guide is very easy to read. In fact, I sat down and finished it in one weekend. And at the end of this weekend? I was 700 pages more knowledgeable about my sexual possibilities. Granted, there was a huge week long power outage then, but still! If you're still looking for tips and tricks on how to get fellatio or cunnilingus just right, or how to work sex toys into your life, then this is definitely the book for you! Or hell, if you just need some good beach-side reading instead of that chicklit crap, turn to the Guide for Getting It On (if you flash the cover at cuties walking by, you may even get it on at the beach!).

But when all is said and done, this is probably one of the only sex guides that I've read cover to cover. Does anyone out there have favorites that they'd like to recommend?

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That's a good post.Thanks for the tips. I will definitely search this book now. Never mind having some knowledge of theory before practical.lol!!