Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm Rooting for You, Bladder!

I'm quite a fan of reading blogs, mostly about cupcakes and sex and...that's about it. Maybe a bit of tech or interesting tidbit stuff like on boingboing.net. Anyways, among the sex blogs I've read and others that have dealt a lot with the body, women have occasionally wrote about UTIs, how much of a pain it was to get the antibiotics, and how much of a nuisance the actual infection was (on a side note, I just realized that every single blog I read is written by a woman/women). "Oh, it'll never happen to me", I thought. Because, really, you get UTI's via hygiene problems (eg: wiping back to front) or switching from anal to cunt-al sex without taking off the condom/cleaning certain hard appendages/etc. But oh, breaking one of these rules is easier than you might think...

I had sex with my boyfriend on Friday night and because I had my DivaCup inside of me, we opted for anal sex instead of the slightly messier alternative--we were, after all, having sex in a car. Somewhere in the middle, though, he slipped out--as you might expect, bendy anal sex in the backseat of a car is no comfortable, splay-your-bodies-out feat. While trying to get back inside, his penis accidentally nudged into the opening of my vagina and...apparently, whoop! There you go.

That's the only incident that I can possibly think of that caused it. Anyways, on Monday morning, while I was at work, I suddenly got extremely dizzy and slightly nauseous: in an instant, I went from feeling alert to feeling weak and having strobe-light eyesight. It got so bad that I had to leave work early and my coworker noted that I was extremely flushed. I seem to have this knack of feeling
exactly when something infects my body: I had shingles back in December (random, right? That was another ailment that I'd heard/read about but never really bothered to read more about, figuring it was irrelevant to me and my health...medicinal karma?) and a similar thing happened where all of a sudden, I felt uneasy and restless...and itchy.

For both shingles and this UTI, I'm having to take anti-whatevers (anti-virals for shingles and anti-biotics for the UTI). I always feel like I'm doing my body harm in the long-run by taking them since it only provides an opportunity for germy-icky things to learn about the drugs I'm using to kill them and then they can fight better the next time. But
goddamn, this hurts. For those of you who've had a UTI, you know what I mean. For those of you that haven't, imagine what it's like to pee when you feel like you've been "holding it" for an hour. You rush into the bathroom and frantically unzip/unbutton your pantalones and pee like there's no tomorrow...and maybe sigh with relief while you're at it. Yeah, well having a UTI is like that...except when you sit on the toilet to pee, only a tiny stream comes out and when that pitiful stream ends, there's this huge, cramping pain in your bladder. For me, it was so bad that I'd double over and mentally swear at my UTI. After a disproportionately inconvenient amount of work, I've acquired cranberry juice (the pure, unsweetened kind, which is odd since I've never had it before and its ridiculously tart) and my antibiotics.

I think I've drank over 5 liters of water today...that's got to be bordering-bad for your body. The odd thing is: even though I'm drinking a lot of fluids, I'm still not peeing as much as I normally would if I drank that much water. Where the fuck is all of this water going???

Anyways, I've divided my time to focusing my concentration on sending love to my bladder to help it fight the nasty bacteria and to studying.



Essin' Em said...

Just so you know, you *can* get them without doing any of those things (I certainly wasn't having any sex at the time, and I always wipe the right way), and once you get one, you are vunerable to getting more, and more often. uGh.

Good luck!

cuntstorm said...

Hmm...well, that's horrible news! but good to know :)